Become an Athlete

Why should I participate in Special Olympics?

Participating in Special Olympics helps athletes become physically and mentally fit. Also, participating in Special Olympics is a great way to meet new friends and can help you reach for your dreams in your every day life.

Am I eligible to be a Special Olympics Athlete?

Anyone who has been identified as having an intellectual disability or closely related developmental disability by an Agency or professional and is age 8 or older can train and compete as a Special Olympics athlete. Athletes ages 2-7 may inquire about Special Olympics Uganda

Are there Any Fees for Participation?

There is no cost to the athlete to join Special Olympics Uganda. There may be a minimal cost involved in participating. No athlete will be denied participation based on economic circumstances.

How do I Join?

  1. Contact the Regional Athletic Director in your region.
  2. Obtain and complete the Official Special Olympics Uganda Release Form and the Application for Participation in Special Olympics or download the forms below. (Athletes with Down syndrome may need to complete the Special Exam Form.)
  3. Return your form(s) to the local Agency, who will then turn in your forms to Special Olympics Uganda Headquarters office. All new athletes must have both forms on file before they can begin practicing. Medical deadline dates are strictly enforced for upcoming competitions. Please work closely with your Agency manager to make sure medical deadlines are met. It is your responsibility to maintain a valid medical form with Special Olympics Uganda Headquarters.

Why are the Special Olympics Uganda Release Form and the Application for Participation in Special Olympics Form, necessary?

The Medical Release Forms are similar to those required for any other sports program. They provide for:

  1. Necessary medical information, including a health history, health insurance information and emergency contacts, including physician, parent or guardian.
  2. Secondary insurance coverage by Special Olympics, Inc. as a secondary policy.
  3. Emergency medical treatment in the event that a parent or guardian cannot be reached.
  4. A photo release allowing Special Olympics Uganda to use any photos or video of its athletes for marketing purposes.
  5. Release for athletes wishing to participate in Healthy Athletes.

If you have questions, contact

The Regional Athletic Director in your region.