Strategic Objectives

Strategic objective 1: To strengthen the SOU Secretariat operations

  •   Undertake an organizational assessment and develop an organogram
  •   Undertake recruitment for human resources
  •   Develop internal operational policies (Financial, HR, Resource mobilization / fundraising, Technical sports policy, Constitution) *see SOI and SOA documents
  •   Marketing and Promotion strategy – to include public relations and communications policies and structures
  •   Provide training to SOU Secretariat staff and Board for strengthened operations

Strategic objective 2: Achieve financial sustainability for SOU operations and program activities ( Pillar 5).

  •   Develop a fully costed budget and annual operational plan
  •   Develop concept documents and proposals on a consistent basis *take into consideration funding cycles for different sponsors
  •   Secure funding for program management and administrative activities
  •   Develop a fundraising strategy and action plan (in-kind vs. financial support, customized pitches to individuals, corporates etc; use of social media, etc)
  •   Design income sustainability program (merchandizing: T-shirts)
  •   Lobby Government Ministries and Parliament with the intention of securing long-term sustainable funding within annual budgets:
  •   Undertake audit backlog (since 2010- 2012) and appoint an auditor


Strategic objective 3: Increase membership and retention rates of athletes (Pillar 1 – Advancing quality sports and competitions)

  •   Hold year-round sports and competitive events
  •   Recruit more coaches to improve retention of athletes
  •   Motivate coaches – financial, training, recognition awards
  •   Increase the number and variety of sports offered under the SOU program
  •   Hold more unified sporting events
  •   Participate in more regional and international competitions
  •   Host one regional event in the next three years
  •   Hold more training and refresher trainings for athletes, coaches, officiating officials (referees, umpires and judges): hold ToT and cascade trainings
  •   Mobilize resources for equipment, uniforms, facilities


Objective 4: Strengthen family support networks to participate in SOU activities (Pillar 2 -Building communities)

  •   Fundraise for family members to participate in sporting events
  •   Tap into Family support network fund and Family health forum:
  •  Establish national and regional structures
  •   Build strategic alliances with schools and LGs who have facilities that could be used (partnerships)
  •   Hold family days to foster interaction and Sharing of experiences
  •   Partner families in need with those willing to support


Objective 5: Develop capacity of athletes, coaches and national staff (Building communities – Pillar 2; and Pillar 4: develop movement leadership)

  • Leadership training
  • So-get-into-it program(for schools to handle and relate to PWID)
  •   Athlete leadership training
  •   Coach training
  •   Hold Health screenings for PWID
  •   Develop curricula to address gaps in the current trainings eg. Life-skills forPWID, etc
  •   Provide health training (works through medical personnel)
  •   Special Olympics leadership training for Board members, National Director/ CEO, and other staff.