I promise to give of the time in my life so that Special Olympics athletes can have the time of their lives.

I promise to support Special Olympics, not just as an expression of charity, but as a form of respect for my fellow human beings.

I promise to spread the word of volunteerism because, in giving, I receive so much more in return.

– Volunteer Oath


Volunteers are the backbone of Special Olympics Uganda

Our success is driven by the dedication of our thousands of event volunteers, agency managers, and coaches. If you are seeking a volunteer opportunity that can make a difference in your life and the lives of others, we need you!

Types of Volunteers

“Day of” Volunteers* – “Day of” volunteers present awards to athletes, escort athletes, keep score or time events, make announcements, etc. All of these activities take place the day of the sporting event.

*”Day of” Volunteers – please  contact your local regional office for volunteer opportunities after initial sign up process.

Class A Volunteers – Anyone who has direct contact with athletes or is in a position of authority, supervision or trust of athletes or handles substantial amounts of cash or other assets for Special Olympics needs to be a registered Class A volunteer.



How to Become a Volunteer

  1. Fill out a Volunteer Interest Form.
  2. We will follow up with you when we receive your volunteer submission